Lionel Messi Mention Sends Obscure Meme Coin Up 350%

Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 3:01pm UTC

A social media mention by soccer superstar Lionel %Messi has sent obscure %Solana based (CRYPTO: $SOL) meme coin WATER’s (CRYPTO: $WATER) price up 350%.

Messi shared an image on Instagram of the WATER token's mascot, which is a cartoon glass of water, along with a link to the %Cryptocurrency project's Instagram page.

That was enough to send WATER’s price up 356% to $0.00146 U.S. per digital token.

The WATER token has since pulled back. However, its price is still up 215% in the last 24 hours following Messi’s mention on Instagram.

The obscure digital token now has a market capitalization of $94 million U.S.

Not much is known about the WATER token. On social media, the crypto claims to “…have a net-positive impact on the real world with the help of charity,” though it doesn't elaborate.

One of the few exchanges that WATER is traded on is %Bitget, which Messi has partnered with since 2022.

Messi’s endorsement of WATER was met with some skepticism online, with people commenting that the soccer great is trying to make a quick buck off his social media followers, most of whom won’t know what they’re buying with the WATER meme coin.

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