Tuya Smart Joins Forces with Global Smart Industry Leaders to Explore Green and Low-Carbon Development

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Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 1:48pm UTC

Tuya Smart Joins Forces with Global Smart Industry Leaders to Explore Green and Low-Carbon Development

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NEW YORK, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global cloud platform service provider, grandly convened the TUYA Global Developer Summit in Futian, Shenzhen. At the event, Tuya Smart hosted a sub-forum titled, "A novel approach to green, low-carbon and sustainable living". The forum aimed to explore how emerging technologies such as GenAI can help to create a greener, more low-carbon and sustainable living environment.

The forum was attended by Weiwei Xie, Vice President and General Manager of New Energy Division of Goneo Group; Martin Li, Ph.D., Deputy General Manager of ESS BU of Low Carbon Future Geely VREMT Energy Mobility Technology; Yu Chen, General Manager of Enerlution; Shaobin Xiao, VP of Regional Business Leader, China; Jingzhou Li, General Manager of Mentech Technology; Hua Wang, General Manager of Secure Net; Yangbin Chen, CTO of Shanghai BangBang Robotics Co., Ltd; Ye Yang, Sixeco Product Development Director; Daisy Yang, Director of Tuya Smart New Energy Solutions Products; Rui Bai, Product Director of Tuya Travel Solution. They shared various products and solutions that can contribute to achieving a green lifestyle with global developers.

At the beginning of the forum, Daisy Yang, Director of Tuya Smart New Energy Solutions Products, delivered a speech on "Integrated Management of Solar Storage and Charging and Heating." She stated, "Against the backdrop of global sustainable development, low-carbon and energy-saving have become primary demands across various industries. To help enterprises save energy and reduce emissions, we continuously pursue exploration in the energy sector, and, relying on our developer platform, have created a series of energy management solutions. These solutions can integrate photovoltaic, storage, charging, heating, and usage equipment and facilities. Coupled with the pre-integrated AI capabilities and EMS system of the developer platform, precise control of electrical equipment can be achieved, significantly reducing energy consumption and usage costs for end-users, and creating a greener and more low-carbon work and living environment."

Goneo Group, One of China's top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises

Weiwei Xie: Building a New Industrial Benchmark for Renewable Energy Generation, Storage and Charging

Founded in 1995, Goneo Group focuses on the R&D, production, and sales of civil electrical products, including converters, wall switches and sockets, LED lighting, digital accessories, and other power connection and extension products. It has gradually developed new products, such as smart locks, circuit breakers, embedded products, and bathroom heaters, which are widely used in household and office power scenarios. At present, Goneo has formed a long-term sustainable industrial layout in the civil electrical and lighting fields.

Weiwei Xie, Vice President and General Manager of the New Energy Division of Goneo Group, stated, "China is a major energy consumer, and the supply-demand imbalance due to massive energy consumption makes an energy transition urgent. Considering the market demand for low-carbon energy, we have developed Goneo photovoltaic products, Goneo energy storage products, and Goneo charging piles, paired with the photovoltaic storage and charging EMS system developed in collaboration with Tuya. This system can not only monitor energy data in real-time and provide intelligent operation strategies, but also support multiple scenarios, effectively improving the energy efficiency of electric vehicle charging stations, industrial parks, commercial buildings, and others, therefore reducing operating costs."

New Energy Technology Company Geely VREMT

Martin Li, Ph.D.: Opportunities and Challenges for Chinese Enterprises in the Globalization Process Under the Dual Carbon Goals

Founded in 2013, VREMT is a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group, headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang. It is a new energy technology company specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services of new energy vehicle power batteries, electric driving systems, charging systems, and energy storage systems.

Martin Li, Ph.D., Deputy General Manager of ESS BU of Low Carbon Future Geely VREMT Energy Mobility Technology, stated, "Promoting dual carbon goals and implementing green and low-carbon development is the most critical strategy to address climate change. VREMT consistently employs this method, and our household energy storage products are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia. After years of in-depth exploration, we found that energy factors vary significantly in different regions such as the U.S., Japan, Australia, and Europe, making overseas expansion challenging. In response to various countries' energy issues, we pioneered the 'four-in-one intrinsic safety design,' the 'active safety intelligent operation and maintenance system,' and the 'multi-scenario energy ecosystem,' all of which can effectively cater to the energy needs of different countries. In the future, we hope to collaborate with Tuya to further global low-carbon energy use, thereby creating a healthier and cleaner world."

Renewable Energy Solutions Provider Enerlutior

Yu Chen: More Intelligent and Economical Green New Energy Solutions

Founded in 2017, Enerlutior is a leading Chinese manufacturer of lithium battery energy storage systems, specializing in the R&D and production of household energy storage systems and small commercial energy storage systems. It is committed to providing safe and efficient energy storage management solutions for global green energy applications through advanced energy management and battery management technologies. Currently, its products are sold in over 100 countries and regions.

Yu Chen, General Manager of Enerlutior, stated, "With the promotion of AI and other smart technologies, energy management is gradually moving towards a new stage of being smarter, more efficient, and more economical. The integration of these technologies not only brings revolutionary changes to the energy industry but also provides us with unprecedented development opportunities. Tuya has strong technical capabilities and rich practical experience, resources which can help us create more cutting-edge and efficient new energy solutions. I believe that through close collaboration with Tuya, Enerlutior will achieve greater breakthroughs in the new energy field and create more valuable contributions to society."

Next, Rui Bai, Product Director of Tuya Travel Solution, delivered a speech on "Creating A New Low-Carbon and Intelligent Mode of Transportation." Rui Bai stated, "Green travel methods can effectively help to reduce carbon emissions. To help enterprises navigate the smart mobility field, we have created a series of mobility solutions that can help developers achieve intelligent upgrades of mobility devices. This time, we released the Smart Mobility AI Large Model, featuring three sections: product knowledge self-learning, riding data analysis, and riding assistant, which can meet users' demands from full-scenario experience before, during, and after riding. We also released the new Smart Mobility App 2.0 solution, dual general docking hardware access, and the overall solution for vehicle information management systems, accelerating the landing of developers' products."

Leading Mobile Travel Enterprise Cerence

Shaobin Xiao: Al for a World in Motion

Cerence aims to become the world's preeminent automotive assistant, creating intelligent, flexible, and intuitive in-car experiences for the world's leading automakers. Through multimodal interaction, deep integration with vehicles, generative AI, and large language models, Cerence can provide consumers with a safe, comfortable, efficient, and informed conversational interaction experience.

Shaobin Xiao, VP Regional Business Leader, China, stated, "Artificial intelligence is becoming the mainstream trend of future mobile travel, especially in the two-wheeler field, where voice assistants have been widely adopted and a close smart companion in users' riding lives. To further enhance the users' riding experience, we created the Cerence Voice Assistant solution. This solution can achieve multilingual text-to-speech, including emotional speech and multiple languages, significantly expanding users' communication range. At the same time, using Tuya Cube AI, the two-wheeler in-car assistant can easily complete users' operational commands and providing more precise services. In the future, we will continue to cooperatively explore the field of AI and other smart technologies to forge an intelligent era of mobile travel."

Global Low-Carbon Pioneer Brand

Guangdong Mentech Technology Co., Ltd. Jingzhou Li: Eco life, Tech find

Mentech Technology is committed to providing global consumers with intelligent riding equipment and power and network products and services. Since its establishment, Mentech Technology has closely adhered to the national "dual carbon" strategy, focusing on the product strategy of new energy and digitalization, providing consumers with full-scenario outdoor energy + IoT smart solutions. In the future, Mentech Technology will continue to use its technical and product advantage to explore the future of carbon and connect the world.

Jingzhou Li, General Manager of Mentech Technology, stated, "Our brand mission is providing one-stop product solutions for all scenarios of low-carbon living for humanity. We have not only built a smart riding ecosystem for users but also provided it with household energy storage devices, outdoor power and network devices, and solar charging piles for electric bicycles, consistently contributing to energy saving and carbon reduction for customers. At the same time, we look forward to collaborating with Tuya to explore the future of carbon."

IoT Application System Solutions Provider Secure Net

Hua Wang: Smart Empowering Green Travel, Moving Towards a Low-Carbon Future Together

Founded in 2012, Secure Net is a technology company that focuses on wireless communication application and develops innovative new products and solutions, including integrated cellular communication, satellite positioning, gyroscope, Bluetooth modules, terminal devices, and systems. Its core products cover lithium battery intelligent management, vehicle intelligent anti-theft, wearable safety applications, and other fields.

Hua Wang, General Manager of Secure Net, stated, "With the continued development of smart technology, two-wheelers are becoming more intelligent. To create a more technologically advanced two-wheeler for users, we introduced the smart central control series products and smart lithium battery series products for electric motorcycles. These two major electric motorcycle accessories, combined with the Tuya cloud developer platform, can not only help customers analyze and manage electric motorcycle batteries in real-time but also help users accurately calculate battery power, making users' travel methods greener and more low-carbon."

Assisted Mobility Innovator BangBang Robotics

Yangbin Chen: Smart Technology Empowers Assisted Mobility

BangBang Robotics is a high-tech enterprise focusing on assisting the elderly and disabled through their commitment to using AI technology to solve travel obstacles for elderly and disabled groups. The company has continuously accelerated industry technology upgrades and new iterations in the field of assistive travel, launching a series of intelligent products and services for assistance in walking and daily life which have brought safer, smarter, and more convenient assistive travel methods to those in need. BangBang Robotics has defined five core technology directions, including intelligent connectivity, autonomous driving, motion control, human-computer interaction, and assistive perception, and has applied for over 240 exclusive patents globally.

Yangbin Chen, CTO of Shanghai BangBang Robotics Co., Ltd, stated, "Our mission is to provide assisted mobility products for the elderly, disabled, and individuals with mobility issues. Utilizing our three core technology platforms, we offer smart services and intelligent driving solutions that ensure safe and convenient travel for our users. Recently, we partnered with Tuya to develop a travel app based on Tuya Smart Mobility SaaS. This app offers energy monitoring services, electronic fence alarms, wheelchair tipping warnings, and one-click SOS functions. Looking ahead, we will continue to strengthen our collaboration to enhance user safety and expand our products globally."


Ye Yang: Creating A Trendy Car Dream Factory

Sixeco is committed to turning mass-produced vehicle platforms into a dream factory for trendy cars through gamification, IP, equipment, and scenario-based methods, creating "cars that understand me" and leading the new culture of Chinese cars. To pursue truly fun cars and meet the personalized needs of specific users, Sixeco jointly invests in vehicle model R&D, incrementally develops basic models of OEMs as well as production, research, and sales inventory resources, delivers fun car products and content services to users, and shares the created incremental value with OEMs and supply chain ecosystem partners.

Ye Yang, Sixeco Product Development Director, stated, "In the era of automotive intelligence and electrification, cross-over fusion innovation in automobiles has become an important engine fueling the development of the automotive industry. Home and car, as two crucial living scenarios, are achieving seamless connection through cutting-edge smart technologies. In the field of intelligent car cabins, the integration of Sixeco's experience and Tuya's leading connective technology enhances the cross-over IP experience, connecting real and virtual scenarios. In the future, we hope to strengthen cooperation with Tuya to cooperatively create new cross-over IP car models, bringing users a new intelligent car experience."

During the forum, Tuya also signed cooperation agreements with many leading companies, including Guangdong Mentech Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Offord Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. This signifies the joint efforts of all parties to propel the energy industry towards a new stage of development.

At this sub-forum event, many industry experts and leaders shared their innovative insights and practical achievements in the energy field, providing new inspiration for global developers. With Tuya's assistance, these developers will be able to pave new paths for energy saving, jointly pushing the world towards a more sustainable future.

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